About Us


Our Humble Beginnings

A couple years ago, we picked  up this little blue merle puppy  from  a breeder  in  Kansas.  We  named  her  Abilene,  we  knew  nothing about the breed  and  had  to  quickly  learn.  That is when our love of Aussies blossomed. We  had  no  idea  how  smart  and  energetic  they are.  When she met the rest of the family and friends, they all fell deeply in love with her too.   It became apparent that with her friendly manner and quick learning abilities, this was the breed for  us.  


How did we get into breeding?

As the years went on, we kept getting asked when we would breed AbI? Sadly, she was purchased as a pet contract only.   Everyone  who  met  her  wanted a  Aussie  like  her. This led us to start thinking how we could  share this  wonderful  experience of  this  breed  with  our  family  and  friends.  We  also  are  a  rather  big  family  of six  and  our  children  all  wanted  an  Aussie of  their  own.   Due to the scarcity of breeders  in  our  area  in  2016,  we began  our  breeding  program  Hotmess of Aussies in Kansas. With our  children's  help  and  their  Love  for  their  own  Aussies, we have  decided  to  expanded  the  breeding  program to  three  states.   Hotmess  of  Aussies now  offers  our  family breeding  services  in  California,  Kansas  and  Texas.


Why Toy Aussies?

We are a traveling family and didn't want to leave behind our beloved fur  babies.  We wanted a dog that was small, energetic, loving, brilliant, and great with kids. Thankfully we found all of these traits in the Toy Australian Shepherd! Our fur babies have become our life and we are lucky enough to be able to spread this love to our  family  and  friends.  All  of  our  Aussies are  being  raised  and have  given  birth  in  our  homes.  They  are  very  social  and  go  everywhere  with  us.   We  are so  happy  to  now  be  able  to  share  this  wonderful  breed  with  you. I  hope  you  become  a  part  of  our  Aussie  family.

Committed to donating puppies to enrich lives

We love to give back


Because  we  are  a  small  hobby  breeder,  our  moto  is  to  give  back  to  our  community.  We  want to  be  able  to  enrich  lives  with  love  and  stability.   Hotmess  of  Aussies is  committed  to  donate  our  puppies  to  many  charitable  organizations.  

Placing puppies to charitable organizations


When we have a litter, we take all applications under advisement and  pride ourselves in picking  and  placing the  right  puppy to match  the  individuals or organizations  needs..  

Giving Back


We  are  excited  to  announce  that  in  2017  we  where  able  to donate  and  place 1  puppy  into  service  as  a  Therapy  dog.  

In  2018  we  donated  2  more  puppies into  service  as  Therapy  dogs.

  We  are  excited  at  the  prospect  of  working  with  other  organizations who  are  in  need  of  this  enrichment as  well.  

Pictures  above  are  our  beautiful donated  puppy's  

List from left to right 

Yeti, Coco and Heimdall.